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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a putt to win a major? 

This fall, there will be a national putting championship called "The Major Series of Putting Championship" held in the city of Las Vegas, NV.  We, at Luna Vista Golf Course, will be hosting 4 local qualifiers and 1 regional qualifier between January 20th - February 9th. In all, there will be several chances to qualify (over 130 qualifiers in all) for this championship, which will be held at various golf facilities across the U.S. Here are the following dates that we will hold championship qualifiers at Luna Vista GC:
local qualifier       (11am - 4pm central)  - 1-20-17
local qualifier       (11am - 4pm central)  - 1-24-17
local qualifier       (11am - 4pm central)  - 2-1-17
regional qualifier   (11am - 4pm central)  - 2-4-17
local qualifier       (11am - 4pm central)  - 2-9-17
Please click on the hyperlink below to check for information about the event and how to register ↓↓↓↓↓↓

Upcoming Events

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Get Golf Ready

June 14, 2017 @ 5:30pm - June 1, 1969 @ 12:00am

The offering of a national, affordable five-lesson group instruction package under the title of Get Golf Ready at a price of $99 per person (price is flexible, with current site prices ranging from $50 to $199) which includes on-course activities, as well as the history, rules and etiquette of the game, during each of the five lessons. GGR 2: The second level of Get Golf Ready (Get Golf Ready 2) has been added as a guideline for an optional next step for instruction. In addition, four target audiences have been added to include women, families, seniors and couples as well as marketing templates to help promote Get Golf Ready Outings and Get Golf Ready Leagues. PLAY: On-course playing experiences in a casual yet structured setting using fun, grouporiented, skill enhancement formats designed to get people comfortable with playing, while meeting golfers of similar abilities (i.e. future golfing partners) and learning about history, rules and etiquette of the game in a casual and friendly setting. Get Golf Ready golf outings or beginning programs will be offered on an on-going basis throughout the season, with golfers paying greens fees for each session. Golf fees and the number of holes offered per playing experience will vary by facility